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Why join La Casa della Memoria?

Becoming a member of La Casa della Memoria means sharing the values of democracy, peace and solidarity which are the basis of our civil coexistence and which were fixed in the Constitution.

Becoming a member means being part of a community which wants to promote these same values among the young generations.

Becoming a member means recognising the importance of the historical memory for the construction of a better future and for the creation of a link with the past that makes it possible to understand the present.

Becoming a member means contributing to the historical research on the events which involving the Servigliano Camp embraced a wider slice of national and world history.

Becoming a member means contributing to creating educational activities and free events open to all.

What is the future of La Casa della Memoria?

La Casa della Memoria has two ambitious projects.
The first is to make the Servigliano Camp a reference point for the history and memory of the Twentieth Century at the regional and national level and it wants to do this, on the one hand, making the most historically and scientifically of the 40 years in which the camp was inhabited by prisoners and refugees, also through the contributions of historians and academics who want to direct their research to this place. On the other hand it wants to do this transforming the camp also into an all-round place of tourism, in order to transmit the values of which the association has become a bearer.

The second project is to transform the association into a cultural hub of reference to study the present time debating current affairs that have their roots in history. It wants to do this organising events such as seminars, exhibitions, meetings with con authors and experts who can raise public awareness on the historical memory understood as the custodian of a past of which the current society is the result.

Do you want to join?


Download the membership form, fill it in and send it via email to together with the receipt for payment of the membership fee.
For 2022 it has been set at 15€. The membership will be valid up to 31/12. Payment can be made to the bank account held by Associazione La Casa della Memoria. IBAN: IT95K0615069441CC0150081486. 

Are you already a member and want to renew your membership? It is sufficient to pay the membership fee, but remember to send via email the payment receipt.

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