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History and purposes

Founded in 2001, the purpose of the association is to recover and bring back to life the memory of all the events that involved directly the former Prison Camp in Servigliano and indirectly the Tenna Valley, by collecting documents and witness statements, and welcoming visitors and historians. According to its by-laws it promotes the culture of legality and sets itself the objective of educating young people and the future generations on the values of peace, democracy and solidarity.
The Headquarters of the association is the former Servigliano railway station, adjacent to the Camp, which also hosts the Remembrance Museum, a permanent photographic exhibition on the history of the Camp, and the multi-media classroom where the events organised by the association are held.


The twenty years of research work of the association has produced books and short documentaries that have not only reconstructed the activity of the Servigliano Camp, but have concentrated on the subject of Civil Resistance to Nazi-Fascism, bringing back to the light, through direct or indirect witnessing, the very numerous episodes in which the civil population gave help to prisoners who had escaped from the camp during the Second World War.
The historical research however cannot be considered finished, above all in the part related to the post-war period. For these reasons the association is interested in making contact with anyone who has any link with the history of the camp or is in possession of material related to the camp (videos, photographs, objects, drawings, diaries) or is interested in conducting studies on the history of this place.


Right from the start the association decided to direct its research work to the education of the young, activating a programme of school workshops that would enable students of all ages to find out about and understand the history of the Twentieth Century and that of their territory.
Over the years the number of schoolchildren visiting the camp has always increased and there are still many who come from other regions, all equally interested in finding out more about contemporary history in a place that was a direct witness to the events of the Twentieth Century.


The educational activity for students has always been accompanied by that of divulgation for anyone who has an interest in finding out more about subjects of history and current affairs, through seminars, book presentations, concerts, plays, exhibitions.
The meetings are always free, open to the public and dedicated to communicating the history of the camp and to understanding the Twentieth Century and the contemporary world.

Executive bodies

Chairperson: Giordano Viozzi
Scientific director: Paolo Giunta La Spada
Board of Directors: Paolo Giunta La Spada, Ian McCarthy, Giuseppe Millozzi, Valentina Cicarilli.

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We are registered with the Regional Voluntary Work Register of the Marche Region. Becoming a member you can help us actively in our initiatives, or simply support us with your membership fee.

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We do cultural volunteer work. We are looking for volunteers who can held us to carry out the planned initiatives and who can propose new ones.
If you think that culture is a way to keep the community united, come and join us.

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